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Writing a press release is an art. The point is that a press release is newsworthy. So that journalists use the press release for reports or even decide to publish it entirely. Daily they receive hundreds of press releases. It is therefore important to stand out, from the news perspective of course. A bad product that is whipped into a roaring press release works counterproductive. And remember, one size doesn’t fit all; a message for the trade press, can’t be used one-on-one for the general media. SteijgerComm always provides the right approach and through our contacts with the press we know what is happening and how to respond.    

Journalists have lost their monopoly on the news, since new media such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, easily provide news both personalized and on demand. The press releases (press release 2.0) of SteijgerComm are also prepared for effective use in the social media channel.

For distribution in the Benelux we use the services of our sister company EZPress News Distribution BV, which gives us a reach of about 8,000 journalists. EZPress enriches the news releases with social media information, additional link options and link anchors that also help to improve the SEO performance of your website.

Metro 24 augustus 2012

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