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We keep a sharp eye on the results of your press releases and press activities in the media. We monitor all media based on your own preferences and search criteria. Thanks to our collaboration with the MediaInfo Group we are able to monitor all media - newspapers, magazines, radio, television, news sites and social media - in the Netherlands.  Press cuttings that are relevant to you and your business are sent promptly to you along with a brief translation. If necessary, we extend the monitoring with the media in other European countries.

We measure the succes based on the ad values ​and the content (favourable/not favourable). This gives our client a quantitative review as a quality stamp of visibility; what are the effects on the target audiences and the public opinion? The public opinion increasingly is based on online comments on LinkedIn and Facebook. Also the presence in the social media of our clients is monitored and analysed, so that, if necessary, appropriate responses can be formulated.


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