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Communicating with your audiences can ideally be done through the media. You can choose for advertising. But that is generally expensive and should be done for a longer period of time for a certain effect. An effective way to communicate is through the editorial columns. Advantage: editorial has a greater attention value than  ads, it is also more credible.

Journalists and editors are always looking for newsworthy topics. We help them with that and strive to influence the editorial agenda positively. We do this by bringing newsworthy topics of our customers to the attention of the media. We do that very focused and always thoroughly whereby we actually help the journalist or editor with a good story. Your story: free publicity.

"Free" in this context relative. You don’t pay the medium for publication, but the effort is not "for free". Actually, it is 'earned publicity', you have to earn it; it is often the result of hard work. Starting point is that you always have an honest and compelling story, that is worth a lot when it is published in a newspaper, a magazine, or in a RTV program.

Free publicity

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